Sunday, 14 August 2016

New age.?

The heat is on, we are all effected
as the days speed hungrily on by,
aggression increases, fear grows in all
connecting the proverbial dots
can feel very tragic and make us feel small,
unravelling a trajectory of violence
that is rooted in foreign intervention, 
instead of peace, spreads contamination
with frustrated, alienated, misguided men,
sowing seeds of hate and destruction.
As the days begin to weigh us down
time now to seek out the gaze of love,
the most powerful drug known to man,
build a brighter future, a new age of clarity
to help us escape this world of insanity,
before the count of zero we all explode
with a soaring, kicking, pain implode,
remember hope is always there to seize
all you really have to do is to believe.


  1. A timely reminder of the important things in life. ...

    Thanks for posting this one Dave.....

  2. cheers Mark,it's a difficult road ahead though,does not mean us dreamers need to give up though.All the best. See you soon.