Saturday, 3 December 2016

Daily Mail hypocrisy

The rag known as the Daily Mail's hypocrisy continues to hold no bounds. On the same day that it tried to stoke up anti-immigrant and anti-refugee feeling on its front page, alongside it ran a tribute to  86-year-old actor Andrew Sachs, who has sadly died in a care home last week,after having battled with dementia for the past four years alongside the image of his best known character; Manuel, an European migrant hotel worker who is subjected to daily verbal and physical abuse, whose accent and level of English is perpetually mocked, and who is restricted to the low-paid service sector? Of course the Mail is paying tribute.
You could call it ironic or just bloody plain insensitive because Andrew was born in Berlin, Germany, and as a Jew had to flee the country to escape the Nazis - the same Nazis that the Daily Mail at the time enthusiastically supported.Let’s not forget remember that the Mail opposed Jewish refugees coming to Britain in the 1930s. It was ‘an outrage’ they said.
Although the rag does acknowledge Sachs’ relatives background in an obituary to the actor on web page ten, the entrance web page goes a incredibly lengthy way to illustrate the way that this tawdry rag has run a program of dehumanising migrants of any kind as much as possible, stoking up fear about migrants to Britain from Europe and then havinge the gall to pay tribute to Andrew Sachs, a migrant from Europe.
While this odious little paper continues to spew poisonous bile into the  atmosphere,  I do think it needs to be publicly vilified and refuted at every opportunity.Let's think about the people of today who are forced to flee oppressive régimes and let's not be like the Daily Mail.
My deepest condolences to Andrew Sachs and his family.

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