Saturday, 24 December 2016

Eek A Mouse - Christmas A Come

Eek A Mouse - Christmas A Come - 12" / Greensleeves Most Wanted - 1981 / 2008 - Produced by: Linval Thompson - Backed by: Roots Radics - Mixed by: Scientist - At: Channel One (Kingston, JA)

The Tories simply have no shame. Hypocrite Theresa May has delivered a Christmas message calling for unity in the UK as the country prepares for Brexit. Invoking her upbringing in a vicarage, the Prime Minister also paid tribute to those with family who are working away from home over the festive period.
Yet the way this government currently treats working people is disgusting, and as for the poor, sick, disabled and unemployed, it's inhuman.Their chosen path of conscious cruelty needs to be stopped.I wish May and all Tory MPs the Christmas they deserve and the same care and compassion they have shown to the homeless, disabled and those living in poverty..
Meanwhile if you find yourself struggling over Christmas you can pick up the phone and speak to people who really care. Ring 116 123. It's free and open 24 hours a day. Alternatively email:
Wishing each and everyone of you who celebrate, a Merry Christmas/Nadolig Llawen, and a season of good will.  Heddwch/peace.

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