Wednesday, 14 December 2016

John Lewis Christmas 2016 Fox Hunt Parody : Keep the fox hunting ban

A parody of the heart warming John Lewis Christmas advert 2016 to highlight the importance of keeping the fox hunting ban.
It's a sad fact that up and down the country many foxes have lost their lives due to illegal hunting activities. See the following two links for instance :-
Hunting is still going on. We still have a lot to do to protect our wildlife.We need tougher legislation to stop fox hunting completely. Wouldn't  it be nice if the police actually enforced the law but the continuing support for hunting by people in positions of power make that unlikely but well done to the brave Sabs and hunt monitors who stand between the hunters and our wildlife,stopping hunts in the fields, thank you each and every one, those of us who want to live in a civilised 21st century society are grateful for your efforts. What an unsavoury axis the pro-hunt lobby present. Those who consider themselves superior to the rest of society, determined to carry on hunting because these sick proponents actually  enjoy killing and the feeling of power watching a fox being torn apart by a pack of dogs gives them. Then there are the Terrier men and the rest of the slavish lackeys who are just along for beer money and the chance of a bit of violence, often setting their own dogs on the fox if it has managed to go to ground, while toadying to the squirearcy. And most contemptable of all the nouveau riche wanabee gentry, who are no doubt despised by lord and lackey alike.
believe that chasing and killing live animals with dogs is barbaric, outdated and has no place in modern Britain. The vast majority of the British public support the Hunting Act (typically 70 - 80 per cent) and the UK has some of the most progressive animal welfare laws in the world. This reflects the public consciousness of compassion towards animals.In 2004 the 'Hunting Act' was put in place to prevent people from hunting wild animals with Hounds. The main 'pest' being Foxes.Recently, rumblings seem to be stirring from certain areas of government that suggest a lift, lighten or watering down of these laws. Andrea Leadsom is one such person responsible for the re-opening of this upper-class wound.

Tell Theresa May keep Fox hunting banned,
please sign following petitions :-

Call on Andrea Leadsom not to hold a vote to repeal the hunting Act 2004 


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