Wednesday, 21 December 2016


( Happy Winter Solstice, seasons greetings.

Tonight we surrender to silence
celebrate the joy and  essence of life,
the radical act of giving
fabrics of truth released,
fragile beauty lingering
revealing the depths of reason,
cushioning and protecting
in simple acts of believing. 

Mother nature we thank
for giving touch and eyes to see,
the wonder of every sound magnified
the safety of companionship,
as the breeze gently touches cheek
and shadows play hide and seek,
wide eyes cruising with intent
passing tideless waves of time, 
in touch with the flames
allows fingers to burn.

From sky above and adjoining stream
mystic rovers journey on,
touch the world with smiles
beyond despair and hours forlorn,
pour forth spirits of peace,sparks of reality
pass rivers, lakes and mountains,
offer gifts of  rejuvenation
carried on rainbow wings.

United in the ritual of believing
across the clouds we ride,
in the morning to rise again
reconstruct roots, supplement need, 
clasping hands in devotion
woven like tapestry a New Year sings,
love continues to be born
repetitive but so necessary,
contains all the infinite wonder we need
allows the touch of magic to haunt eternity.

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