Sunday, 7 October 2012


As Cameron smiles
and his party celebrates,
outside their is  growing  discontent,
people busy making fires,looking into the flames and dreaming
as their vision reveals its ugly truth, a party of hollowness, waving empty  smiles.

We weave branches, keep our spirits alive
increase the pressure, as our path is lit .
One nation of resiliant steel, carrying instruments
of change, shouting angry defiance,
striking matches as the falling leaves blow.

From North to South bonfires are being prepared
stubborn choruses fighting back,with thunder between our fingers,
most of us have nothing to lose, in these burning times,
a hungry vibration, believing in the prophecy of birds,
following the stream of longing and survival.

Already we are marching, you won't see us turning back
as they rob us blind, we  turn their  plans into disarray
as we cling on to faith,  a stirring band of rebellion
no retreat for us into corners, we look for another way out,
singing our songs of bread and roses, and the dance of solidarity.


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