Monday, 29 October 2012

Terry Callier (24/5/45 -28/10/12) Folk Jazz Mystic R.I.P

Amazing following yesterdays post about the death of David S. Ware, have found out today that another legend of the music world has passed away. Terry Callier was an American jazz, soul and folk guitarist, singer and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois, whose music simply defied categorisation. Despite releasing some truly amazing records in the late 60' early 70s he never found stardom, and was largely overlooked. After retiring from music in 1983  he re-emerged in the 90s  , rediscovered  by  his collaborations with the likes of Beth Orton, Massive Attack and later Paul Weller, he became associated with the burgeoning Acid Jazz Scene.
Long have his records given me comfort over the years, his truly beautiful and soulful voice was truly unique, his albums,  The New Folk Sounds of Terry Callier ( 1968)   and   What Color is Love from 1973 I have long believed have been timeless classics.
A truly elevated and conscious man, he sang of  the universal themes of love , truth, and peace, he was given by the United Nations, an award  for his outstanding Contribution for World Peace in 1998.
A true icon of our age,who had sadly  dissapeared from view in recent years. His voice will be sorely missed  but  I will continue to find solace in the the legacy that he has left behind. R.I.P

Terry Callier - What Time is Love?

Terry Callier - Time Peace

Terry Callier - Your going to Miss me Candyman

Terry Callier and Massive Attack - Live with me

Terry Callier - Brotherly Love

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