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I am  looking forward to this new show, which is coming to my home town soon, after  playing at the Millenium Centre, London, Aberystwyth and Caernarfon. Exploring issues that are very close to my heart. Up the road from me lies the village of Blaenannerch, which is situated 3 miles from the coastal village of Aberporth on the West Wales Heritage Coastline. Formerly situated here was RAF Station Aberporth, which up until 1990 was used as a missile range that stretched out for some miles into Cardigan Bay. Since the RAF left, the camp at Blaennanerch ( now rebranded as ParcAberporth, and owned by the Welsh Assembly Government) has been used as an operational test and evaluation centre for unmanned aerial vehicles - otherwise known as drones.
My local Amnesty International group, along with Peace activists and many locals have consistently campaigned against the drones based up the road from me, condemning Drones as  for being  used as remote-controlled killing machines, that break international and humanitarian laws that foster a video game mentality in warfare, that we see as immoral and unethical. The constant noise emitted from the drones is said to be unbearable..
In what will undoubtedly be a powerful and thought provoking dance theatre, Gaza/Blaennanaerch   acclaimed contemporary dance  artist Eddie Ladd and theatre director Judith Roberts,  have used the drones at Aberporth/Blaennaerch,  as a starting point and their work looks at the links between Wales, Israel and Palestine, unearthing a series of little known connections between the two. Many of the drones, which are tested at ParcAberporth, that fly over the village of Blaennannerch, are designed in Israel and designed in conjunction with Israeli Aerospace Industries.This performance will explore the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict  from a fresh perspective, whilst also tackling Wales's struggle with nationality and identity. Eddie Ladd herself is local to this area, having herself been bought up on a farm near Blaennanaerch.
The musical backdrop will be provided by Philip Glass's haunting String Quartet No 5,  performed by The Smith Quartet, who have been at the forefront of the world's contemporary music scene for over 20 years.

at Small World Theatre Cardigan/Aberteifi
31 Oct & 1 Nov
For booking and more infomation

Theatre Byd Bychan
Small World Theatre
Tel No

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Yesterday U.N Independent expert has called for boycott of businesses profiteering from Israeli Settlements, Elbit Systems company involved in ParcAberprth is one of the companies named.

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