Saturday, 27 October 2012

Now then, Now then.

If truth be told, not all bogey men wear masks,
watching the news, it's become apparent,
that there have been demons, who have lived among us,
who have been concealed, because of compliance, lies and denial.
Who in the not so distant past, caroused in dark corridors of power,
basked in limelights glare,sheltered by royalty, primeministers, the B.B.C,
now routinely condemned, by people pure as white.
It seems, there is no glory in the past,ugly skeletons, hidden in dark closets,
the hollow presence of yesterday,that stalked our streets,
where cobwebs grew in crawling terror,the air filled now with the weight of anger.
Fury reveals the harshest truth,deceit buried in conceit,
the guilty name, fixed forever in frozen emptiness.
Nothing of value remains, long may their be disdain,
and his vacuous memory, be always linked with scum.

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