Sunday, 21 October 2012

Ed Miliband booed for promising cuts to TUC anti-cuts march - 20th October..

Actually missed this, I was running up and down Oxford Sreet. But how dare he? He came to a huge grass roots march against austerity, where many of the people in attendance, had come from all corners of Britain, with anger in their hearts, and valid rasons for fighting back. What they got from the leader of the Labour Party , was fancy hand gestures, dressed up. with some whimpered emotion.He tried to pretend with empty rhetoric that he was  not being the same as the Tories, but that's exactly .how it came across.
An excellent advert in not voting Labour. Here was a man that was declaring to the country too his lack of principle, and the Party that he represents , it simpy has no value anymore.

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