Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fly Kites Not Drones

March is kite flying weather, support the people of Afganistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia by flying a kite. Kite flying has become synonomous with Afghanistan as a well loved pursuit which was banned under the Taliban, now Afghans are more used to the presence of UK armed surveillance drones flying above. Having to live under the mental pressure and physical destruction which British drones (currently operated from RAF Waddington, Lincoln) now reap.
A campaign launched  by Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK in solidarity with the Afghanistan Peace Volunteers  who want  to end the use of drones. In commemoration of the Afghan New Year 21-23 March.
More information here:-

Oh and if you haven't signed the following please do.

Who Controls my sky?

Small World Theatre which is local to me, has got through to the final shortlist of 3.
With your help it can go all the way?

Drones are currently being tested in my local area. Unmanned Surveillance and weapons equipped aerial devices, although the drones may not be armed when tested  there have been worrying accidents. Small World Theatre would like the opportunity for my community to creatively discuss this controversial subject and share different views.

Is this a vital multi billion pound industry for Wales?

Is West Wales part of a programme that assists surveillance and remote killing?

Small World is an artist led organisation, who with the National Theatre Wales is helping explore the impact of the use of drines locally, nationally and internationally.

In a personal capacity as a member of Cardigan Pembrokeshire Amnesty International Group we have been campaigning against them for a number of years.We have constantly condemned there use, which are used to assist surveillance and remote killing.
It's a worlwide issue though and effects us all, so please vote for them here :-

if you would prefer to text

here's a number

thanks, heddwch/peace

029 2009 1507

I also support the following local initiative here in West Wales

Drape the Drones in Aberporth September 21st 

see poster with details here:-

There is also a facebook page which you can find here:-

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  1. The vote above now closed, and was succesful.