Monday, 17 March 2014

I'd Rather Be Dancing (Rachel Corrie's Song). By Jim Page

Today I remember Rachel Corrie, as I do every year, with the Jim Page song ' I'd rather be dancing' based on  letters she wrote  home before the Israeli army crushed her to death on Gaza on 15/3/03. She was a 23 year old American Peace activist  who was killed  by an American built Caterpillar bulldozer, when she was protecting the home of Samir Nasrali's a Palestinian doctors' home from  being demolished, for many people  she is considered to be a hero and martyr. She had the courage to resist.
To this day the Gaza strip is still besieged. Violations of international law continue, as the Israeli government continues to disregard human rights.


You know I was always the one
I could never stand idly by
and watch while the bullets  beat up the waeker ones
I had  to do something to try
and I never gave up on people
that we could  be better somehow
morality's compass, you gave it to me
I still follow it now.

Wel. I couldn't stop thinking about it
I couldn't get it out of my mind
the pictures, the stories, the plight of the people
in occupied Palestine
how my government makes me complicit
with the political aid  that they send
so I packed up my bags and I headed to Rafa
to work with the ISM *

and I'd rather be dancing, dancing and falling in love
but if I can just watch from a distance  then what am I made of

mama these people are so goot to me
they treat me like one  of their own
they feed me and see to my needs
and let me sleep in their home
papa their lives are so hard
the gun shots night
the road blocks, the strip searches, the humiliations
papa it just isn't right

I feel my privilege around me
It's there in my American face
I could wave my passport around like a flag
and I would be safe in this place
for these child soldiers of Israel
they look like the boys back home
and if it wasn't for American money
they'd have to leave these people alone

and I'd rather be dancing dancing to Pat Benator
but somebody has to do something about it and here we are

the tractors are coming today
they're like tanks with bulldozer blades
the name on the side says Caterpillar
that means they're American made
well I am American  too
and I'll  be where everybody can see
so if they want  to run over these houses today
they're gonna have to run over me

it's dangerous taking a stand
but its dangerous running away
sometimes you have to face  up to the danger
there is just no other way
for there are such beautiful  dreams
I have seen the eyes of a child
and I can make a difference
then I think my life is worthwhile

and I'd rather be dancing, but instead i'm saying goodbye
but we'll meet again when its over, don't cry

and I'd rather be dancing, and surely we'd all rather be
and one day we'll dance in a world that's peaceful and free.

* International Solidarity Movement

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