Monday, 24 March 2014

Who Controls the Drones in my Sky?

The above  gives details  of what promises to be an interesting and exciting event at the Small World Theatre here  in Cardigan, West Wales, starting at 7.00 pm next Saturday.
The evening's performance and debate should proff an interesting follow up to all ho attended a meeting on the subject back last December  in the Theatr Mwladan, and  will tie people in  to later activity in the year such as the 'Drape the Drones' event in September.
This is an issue that has long polarised my local community. Over the years people protesting outside Parc Aberporth against the testing of drones here.
Drones, unmanned surveillance and weapons equipped aerial devices) are being tested in Ceredigion. Small World Theatre posed the question ' Who Controls the sky?'
The event above will be an opportunity for the community to creatively disxcuss this controversial subject and share different views.
It is known that Watchkeeper that has been tested here in West Wales since 2012, using the Israeli  built Hermes 450,  a drone that is expected to now  take a sgnificant role in any future military campaigns. Having clocked uo pver 500 hours of flying time above us in West Wales. It is also significant to report, that they have also been field tested in attacks on Gaza, that have left many Palestinians dead?  Though not necessarily illegal they have  used in breach of what is considered international law.

More details here:-

National Theatre Wales

nice banner that was displayed by Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign at their own 'Fly Kites not Drones event in Bristol at the weekend, that sums up my view on the subject quite well.


  1. I think that is a really interesting thing to discuss. Drones have of course been a controversial topic among groups that promote the technology for military purposes versus those that advocate for pure privacy. Were you able to attend the debate? How did it go? :D

    Matt Wynan @ IDTUS

  2. Yes I did...unfortunately it was a bit of a sham....Many people felt let down by the whole process.