Thursday, 20 March 2014


Happy Spring Equinox
a time of  balance and reassessment.

Early this morning,
the birds sang ,in the garden,
as buds blossomed from the earth,

Still believing in magic,
I rose from my bed of dreams,
followed strands bursting with something
as the wind blew drops of rain,
onto firm roots,the seeds of time,
old anthems and memories were
                                 also renewed.

In these moments of reflection,
and translucent waves,
gave me a chance,
to hold on and breathe.

Steams of pressure,
still choose the direction,
that we may flow,and grow
each in search of different pulses,
another world perhaps?

So Follow threads,
things that change,
as cycles turn, and shift
keep on talking, keep on sharing,
follow reason, that shelters and protects.                                   

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