Wednesday, 6 August 2014

B.B.C Censorship at Welsh National Eisteddfod

While everyone  is crying for Peace and crying out for Justice and crying out for justice, heard about this worrying incident at the Welsh National Eisteddfod yesterday, a choir called Cor Seingar from Carmarthenshire was wearing pro-Palestinian badges and the BBC told them take the badges off or the BBC would not broadcast their performance.
The BBC has said that this was just a misunderstanding but the choir disagrees, and the choir is taking it further. All they were doing  is wearing badges as a gesture of support and solidarity.
I'm not sure if I can  trust the Beeb at moment, because  this is the same BBC where Lyse Doucet said that the ceasefire in Gaza means that the Arab fishermen can go back fishing on  the sea normally again. What she or the BBC do not say is that  the Palestinians are not allowed to go out beyond 250 metres off the beaches, and have not been allowed to do this since 2007, because of the illegal blockade thrust upon them. Its all reported as if nothing  was wrong in Gaza prior to 4 weeks ago, and the same  BBC  that uses its news services to spread its messages of jingoism in support of things that only readers of the Daily Mail would want to hear about.

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