Tuesday, 19 August 2014

His Hands Were in the Air, R.I. P Michael Brown; Let Justice be served

Song by David Roviks

R.I.P Michael Brown, unarmed African American teenager executed in broad  daylight by racist cops on his way to visit his grandmother in Ferguson, Missouri..For more than a week now, we have witnessed the rage on the streets of America, days of unrest as we see angry  confrontations between protestors and police, nighttime clouded in tear gas and anger.
Sad as all this is, the cops are now trying to lay the blame on the victim, spreading a dubious story that the young man, had supposedly shoplifted a cigar from a convenience store. Well the cop that killed him .knew nothing of this allegation, which as it turns out, happens to be completely false. The search for justice seems to be lost, with the Ferguson Police Chief,Tom Jackson  and his police department leaving the impression that they really don't give a damn.
I fear the rage will continue and many more flashpoints will occur, it has exposed the ugly underbelly and racism that still exists in American society, Ferguson just the latest in a long list of African Americans, being treated with suspicion, recklessly, unlawfully killed by the police.
If the end results, mean that the actions of the police on the streets are now being called into question, then that is good.
But before Obama jets over to us, to meet other World leaders, at the NATO gathering in Newport South Wales to apparently try and build some stability in this unpredictable world( but in many peoples eyes, a gathering of leaders, that are seen as solely responsible for the chaos of our times), perhaps it is time for Obama to look for a change in his own backyard, and start addressing the root problems that still  sees his one nation divided. Until he tackles his hometurf, the backlash of a communities anger will continue to rise.He has to try and overcome the appalling record of injustice that still exists in  today's America.
Until then  voices of condolences are just empty gestures, and justice is far from being served.

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