Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Robin Williams ( 21/7/51 -11/08/14) R.I.P Some Personal thoughts on depression.

                                          Peter Weir Dead Poets Society 1989

Sad to hear of the passing of the comic Robin Williams,a sad loss indeed. My heart though goes to the many who have been effected by this story. The millions of individuals whose stories and voices are never heard. We can  never really know or understand  the suffering of others. But the reality is that daily people suffer, many in silence, with no support. We must keep working on our self-awareness, drop the shame and the guilt. I am sorry to have to say this, but there is no easy way of coping daily with an illness that causes exhaustion, physically and mentally. Many people  still live with undiagnosed  or untreated depression, often masked by self-medication of alcohol or drugs. There are no magic formulas, but I guess the strength of others can help, and it is always good to swim along waves of pride, love and hope.
 Often when we are alone and in despair  it is easy to get lost, find ourselves in rooms  that  offer no means of escape, so I can understand why some people choose to let go. But I remember too, that some of us find ways to cope, paths of living and endurity, and survival, but even then we are left to our own devices, have to do it all on our own.
I remember today all the victims, that this government of ours has caused  with blood on its hands, stopping essential services to those that really need it, the cutting off of benefits to the marginalised and the walking wounded. I remember the outsiders, the stigmatised, the branded, the unloved, the unwanted. The devastation  daily caused to lives already finding  it difficult to cope, their lives a daily battle, a continuing battle of the wits. We need to find ways to be there for them, if they talk, then we must listen, don't judge, give them your opinions. A hug perhaps, maybe some reassurance, but remember you are never in their shoes. But we should not give up on them, allow them to breathe in  a little hope. Personally the black dog still comes a barking, I can never  know when it will appear, in the meantime I try to engage with time, patience and kindness, find ways to express some of my inner angst, and at the end the day, I tend to think,that what the world really needs is a restart, some much needed compassion and peace.


  1. As a good friend of mine once said...people with beautiful gifts should never do ugly things


    1. But sometimes, they just can't help themselves.xx