Sunday, 3 August 2014

We Never Forget

Contribution to letter to Unknown Soldier Project

We build anniversaries, to remember horror,
as genocide still brings its daily misery,
we should never forget, anybody's senseless slaughter,
all those tragically killed  in patriotic disguise.

The innocent victims, the fallen, the walking wounded,
all those that do not return home, those that mourn,
the many  voices, silenced and stilled,
their names and stories forever  touch and live.

We remember as long as dead names are coughed out,
as time moves on, locomotive  tracks of destruction still created,
as days stretch,  we  do not follow complicity with silence,
remind ourselves  of senses of humanity, left scattered and slain.

We remember too, all those who refuse to fight,
branded cowards, treated like an enemy,
as they battle for a world of peace,
against brutal threads that leave us numb.

With these memories, we continue to share,
spreading the fever  of anger, across many lands,
all loss  is  like a ruined tunnel of light,
a centenary later, we again chant words of peace,
swimming together, desperately under dangerous sky.

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