Friday, 29 August 2014

NATO comes to Wales to plan War : Join others from across the country to say no.

Next week, heads of governments from more than than 60 countries  will descend on Newports Celtic Manor Park for NATO's latest gathering.
I will be heading down too, on Saturday  to join a week long peace camp protesting against its plans. At the moment the two cities of Cardiff and Newport are in lock down to try to prevent  people opposing NATO's presence and dubious agenda, at a cost of millions  in this age of austerity.
A national demonstration will be held tomorrow Saturday 30th August

It is hoped that thousands of people  from Wales and across the country will  embark  on a series of protests across the two cities, and attend an alternative counter summit that will be taking place. I have packed my  tent to join others at this Peace Camp
Hopefully NATO will receive  a clear message of defiance to their plans, saying no to a summit that takes place only weeks after the centenary of World War 1, which forever serves as a reminder of the bloodshed and horror that empire,militarism, nationalism, and yes organisations like NATO help to perpetuate.
It is heartwarming to learn that a  non religious/non partisan vigil for peace  in support of  the opposition to the NATO summit, will be taking place in my hometown of Aberteifi/Cardigan, West Wales from 11 a.m to on the Guildhall steps.
An alternative message of peace must be delivered.

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