Friday, 5 December 2014

A Picture speaks a thousand words.

Pictures speak a 1,000 words, but as I write more than 180 Palestinian children have been  kidnapped by Israeli occupation forces in the past 45 days. While international  law states that child imprisonment should be used as a last resort, the Israeli  occupation forces view it as a matter of routine. Recently  draconian laws have  been used with greater frequency against children, including Administrative Detention orders which allow for detention without published evidence.
Under  military orders in force  in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, any Palestinian over the ageof 16 is considered an adult, while  inside Israel  the age of an adult is 18. Moreover,  a Palestinian child over 14 years are tried as adults in an Israeli military court, and are put into prisons with adults. These are direct violations of international law.
When children are arrested they are usually taken to  adult military detention centres and interrogation centres. There are no specialist juvenille facilities, courts or personnel  within the Israeli system apart from Telmond prison. Children held in Israels prisons are beaten, tortured, placed in solitary  confinement, and made to stand in cages outside in the cold. This is a systematic, institutionalised and  co-ordinated attempt  by Israels Government and Army to make their presence felt, as humiliation daily continues, taking the occupation  to an extreme and absurd level, that  will undoubtedly have a significant impact on their future  development as individuals. It is obvious to me that some people in this world have no shame at all. These are  more reasons why I keep  on posting about issues that I feel should concern the world. This is not how a normal state acts, and by refusing to sanction this rogue state for its abuses,Western governments themselves become complicit  in these crimes against children. 

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