Monday, 15 December 2014

The Met aint happy

A number of false advertisements alleging that the police are racist have been spotted around London. It is believed that they were put up at the weekend  with political magazine Strike claiming credit for them.
In a facebook post Strike said after complaints were received ' if  only the met put this much effort into investigating their own crimes and corruption.' 
The police remind me of alcoholics, who do not  deal with their problems, until  they put their hands up and say, yes, think we've got ourselves a problem.
The posters which borrow the logo of the  Metropolitan Police have  been seen occupying advertising spaces on bus stops across the capital, and have also been spotted  outside the Mets own headquarters. Another ad says " We caused the 2011 riots by shooting an unarmed civilian and then ling about it. And we got away with it."
Have always admired  the likes of Adbusters myself, and I must say it is always nice when  people try to  redress the balance a little bit.
Meanwhile some of the posters have been cordoned off while police look for evidence.

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  1. "Meanwhile some of the posters have been cordoned off while police look for evidence." That's rich! Cordoned off so people can't check them out more like eh?
    And before they look for evidence, they'll probably have to go back to Hendon Police Training Centre to get their text books on how to do bloody police work.