Friday, 26 December 2014

What if it was you?

Happy Boxing Day.

To coincide  with this  day, a major date in the hunting calender, the League against Cruel Sports is launching a new national ad campaign  to portray the cruelty of hunting with dogs for sport. The hard hitting film asks the question, What if it was you? and shows the cruelty of hunting from a hunted animals perspective.

As many as 80% pf the public think that fox hunting should not  be made legal again.

The pro-hunt lobby it seems is completely  out of touch with modern British society. It is now time for the pro-hunt lobby to respect the  law, respect our wildlife and respect the will of the British people. The cruelty and casual disregard must not be allowed to return.

Today across the country it is pissing down, but there are still those riding horseback, who hope for fox hunting to return I hope they all get a good soaking, and have a thoroughly miserable time, and all get thrown off their horses..

The Tory's are also hoping for a repeal  of the fox-hunting  ban  if they win 2015 election, offering a free  vote in the next in the next Parliament in May. They must be stopped in their tracks.



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