Saturday, 20 December 2014

Sleaford Mods - Jolly F*cker

Ready for Christmas.... Fuck... I'm never bloody ready for christmas, it's all a illusion, as they  smash us up, over and over again, don't leave us with many crumbs, as coldness and starvation takes hold, but those tory blighters  will still be  having a toast, sitting comfortably in their cozy homes, filling their bloated faces  with cake. Yes the spectacle of consumerism and distraction draws close, but in these times of austerity and crisis, it is crucial to remember  that the seeds  of a better society already lie embedded  in the contradictions of the current one. In these dark times, when  hope seems lost, we must constantly remind ourselves that the seeds for  a better world already  lie deep in the scorched earth of the present one. As they continue  building their walls of oppression, tommorrow we  must carry on confronting and challenging head on, let us be the  spirit of revolution reincarnated, striking down upon the  scrooges of our time, as  darkness seems to envelop the world.
Bah humbug, merry crisis and a happy new fear. Hope the future is brighter, reignites all with passion and integrity.

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