Wednesday, 24 December 2014

I have a dream

'On the night before Christmas, we'll all  be about,
while the people are sleeping, we'll realise our clout,
we'll expropriate goods, from  the stores, because that's fair,
and distribute them wide, to those  who need care.'

All I guess I really want  for Christmas is the abolition of white supremacist, capitalist, heteropatriarchy, and the end of David Cameron and his coherts power, Dave, who this morning  expressed his commitment to Christian values, saying "giving and sharing and taking care of others at home and around the world was something Britain could be proud off." Oh the bloody  hypocrite. The same  David Cameron who wants to stop us all from fighting for our rights. Let's all put our faith into action, and next year kick the Tories out. Real progress can only be achieved, if the Conservatives power is taken away. This day, coming soon, is the one I will truly celebrate. Together let's kick out the Tories.

Anyway Merry Crimbo.... blog will probably be quiet, for a bit, the library I use will be closing for its mandatory holiday season. Thanks for all who have supported blog, another world is not only possible, it is inevitable. Despite it all, have a good one.
Best wishes...heddwch/peace.

Oh ,by the way,
Father Christmas says Free Palestine

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