Sunday, 22 March 2015

Artist makes US/Mexico border disappear

Visual artist Anna Teresa Fernandez, powerfully repaints the Mexican/US border, highlighting not just the ugliness of the fence, but the ugliness of the policies and attitudes that  helped to build and create this montrosity in the first place. She confronted the fence by putting on her black dress and painting the  sky blue. Unfortunately this ugly wall is  still here, as are others like the ones to be seen  in Palestine and the West Bank.This border stretches for 1.969 miles, a symbol of oppression, a dividing line between cultures, a physical  expression of the contempt for the poor, legislators have. It does not seem to solve problems but adds to the tension and racism and discrimination, but does not hinder peoples need for survival.
Despite it,  many still have a furious desire  to cross it, with migrants  not only facing dangers posed by an unforgiving desert, but also abuse  at the hands of US Border  guards, risking all,  dehydration, starvation and exhaustion, and ultimately for hundreds every year death, trying to succeed. It  should be noted  that  up to 60% of illegal US-Mexican Border crossings, actually succeed.
I personally believe it is time to make all borders disappear.

Link to artists webpage :-

Borrando La Barda/ Erasing the Border.

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