Friday, 13 March 2015

You Can't Kill the Spirit ( For Daevid Allen ;13/1/38 - 13/3/15 R.I.P)

Proving to be a funny month so far, Terry Pratchett yesterday,  and local legendary keyboard player Mike  Vaughan - Jones yesterday, and friends dear friend the lawrence the day before and today I awake to find that another  inspiration of mine had gone travelling again too. Daevid Allen the wizard of Oz himself,  had been aware of  approaching plans for destinations anew for a bit, so had already prepared a little. Anyway thank you Daevid, now allow me to release this poem

You Can't Kill The Spirit

A long time ago,
wandering on another planet,
a mystical  magic poet,
came down to visit us,
with some epiphany, 
some floating anarchy,
threads of absurdity,
messages of freedom,
seeds of dadaist imagination,
to plant, to help us unravel, 
the world's long slumber.

Would travel off into the future,
but would always return,
with messages of love and devotion,
releasing senses of wonder,
that giggled through life and beyond,
glimmering along the mazes of purpose,
conjurer, delivered memories of joy,
allowed laughter to rain down,
as om shantis sigh,
glides with moonlights kiss,
among glissando slides,

Revelations and enlightenment,
reveal revolutions, every day now,
revolving around our skins,
our beauty stands against governments,
all over the world, different cultures,
shout, float, seek alternatives, 
choose not to kill the earth,
cast  layers of protection  over sky.

And transitory psychonauts,
create illusions, for you and I,
to share, 
that lift us,

We will continue to refuse their orders,
break through their cordons,
we will snakedance over their forcefields,
run wild and free, fuelling truth,
vision wide and full of intent,
satoris invisible tempo  soars on high,
as the day beats, on and on and om,
you can't kill the spirit.



  1. Excellent poem. R.I.P Daevid Allen, a fine inspiration in my life too.

  2. thank you , my friend........ all the best.