Friday, 20 March 2015

Nourishment ( after seeing , this mornings solar eclipse)

This morning,
woke a little earlier than usual,
managed to see sun being  obscured,
by moon and drifting cloud,
the air was cold, all seemed quiet,
time seemed to move slow.

lady moon, moved her shadow,
cockerel's wailed, flight of birds,
took their daily path,
to be seen again,
swooping  down , 
releasing song.

Out of dim light,
some kind of order returned,
the mighty sun smiled,
shone down,with the light of day,
as springs' waking senses,
came out to play.

In observation,
senses got rekindled,
some form of connection,
revealed again, in this borderless world,
the blossom of futures constantly changing presence,
now, the earth still feels eerie,
in the library, my mind drifting,
flying outward, homeward bound.

( afterthought; imagine an eclipse, that never ends, the people of Syria and Palestine whose light is always seemingly deemed.)


  1. I have always enjoyed Tefidancer's rhymes,the relative ease and depth in his writing, making all things beautiful from simple things, to magnificent things such as an eclipse.x

  2. thank you very much Cecelia, for your kind words. Much appreciated.