Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The race is on!

Ah, the race is on, Parliament has dissolved, as it sinks into an archaic cesspit of corruption . Oh it's going to be a fabulous 6 weeks, we will have to endure a lot of bluster and hot air,  false promises, and bare faced lies between the ever so slightly different  factions of the austerity partys'. It will resemble  more of a pantomime than an actual election. It will be a  a bit like tea verses coffee, or the drip, drip, drip of distraction. The choices are not really that much different, if it actually changed anything, they would probably make  it illegal. We desperately however need genuine changes to help disabled, ill people, children who are hungry  because the only food  they eat is from bloody foodbanks.  We need  long term solutions that will help the homeless and the destitute. We need to shift the power back,  remove the politics of blame from our lives. But saying that ,it should be noted that M.Ps will escape  investigation into dubious  expenses claims because authorities have destroyed all the evidence. At the end of the day they will again  be allowed to  pick from our pockets on  a pretty frequent basis. But  there is nothing like a good old vote to sort out the corruption, after all we're all in it together. It should also be remembered that every single government since Thatcher has  caused this country of ours, economic damage, while allowing bankers to dictate their policies.Through their friends in the media I guess,  they will be very successful at  diverting attention from them and on to the poor. The conservatives if they succeed will carry on carving up the country, as I speak planning a further £12 bn in welfare cuts, will carry on their creeping privatisation of the N.H.S, the Labour Party  sadly up to now have been rather lacklustre in their condemnation, will they save us money in scrapping trident, does not seem  that they will, and despite some fine words, do not  seem to offer us  much of a radical alternative. Just  the familiar pattern of gesture politics.
 Will a change of government actually change a thing. We keep getting caught in the same trap, thinking that if we put  our faith in the power of the state, everything will turn out allright.
At the end of the day we will still be screwed. The system was never broken, it was built this way. We need to keep struggling for a  new order based on truth, social  justice, equality, accountability, give power back to the people. I don't  however hold my breathe that this will happen any day soon, unfortunately. Neither will the current constitutional framework  rescue us from the darkness of capitalism.
Whatever the end result, for many people across the land, I am sorry to say there will be no happy ending.

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