Monday, 2 May 2016

Against the darkness

(The people of Gaza currently have to endure a life under occupation, while also having to cope with only 3 hours of electricity a day. The following poem is dedicated to their daily resistance. 

Darkness surrounds the lives
of the people of Gaza,
but the echo of dignity sizzles and sustains
under times heavy burden,
the struggling flame of resilience never fades.

The sorrow of existence
now well tended,
comfort found huddled in ruins
under starry sky's,
where shadows meet endurance
to ignite, hearts, mind and blood.

Among the cracks and dust
strains of hope refuse to die,
pavements littered with citrus scent
allow imprisoned people to remain free,
and with touch and words
in this hard place, pride is shared,
freedoms light still growing strong.

The hourglass delivers comfort
against the darkness, light shines,
people find ways to survive
that allows thoughts to persist,
laughter and kindness to rise
in togetherness, dignity stands proud,
against the darkness of oppression,
currents of resistance never fade.

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