Tuesday, 10 May 2016

In the Circle, we are all equal.

                                           Image by Jane Ray

In the Circle, we are all equal.
There is no one  in front of you and there's  nobody behind you.
No one is above you, no one is below you.
The circle is Sacred  because it is designed to create Unity.

- Lakota Wisdom

But sadly the banker still gets golden parachutes,
Influence is daily up for sale, 
The rich get richer, leading to inequality
Government policies still divide us all,
The earth in the 21st Century it seems,
Still not a common treasury for all. 
Life is full of double standards,
The dark side of capitalism,
Our mainstream media fails to expose,
There's something rotten at the core.
Time to take down the barriers,
For collective welfare,
The system must fall,
Fill the world with beauty,
For everything and everyone to share,
In the circle we can stand equal again.

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