Monday, 9 May 2016

In the garden of love

 ( for the mighty furbster, Jane for her birthday )

The moon is now in pisces,
This is a water sign,
Now is a good time to sow,
A sprinkling of jazz,
Positive vibrations.
Side by side
As clouds float past,
And the west wind blows,
Singing of dreaming and waking,
The smell of the earth rises. 

Planting bulbs,
Our memories will be forever stored,
Tucked in corners,
Mingling in the future,
Together will always run.
Peace by piece,
Our love will grow,
Following Pan's footprints,
Fireflies casting glow.

In the garden of love,
Wildness rules,
With all our strength,
We will nurture,
Take care,
Give all that is needed.

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