Thursday, 19 May 2016

No to Governments plan to scrap the Human Rights Act

I have written of this before, but as the government yesterday again confirmed plans to scrap the Human Rights Act in the Queens speech it is to important a subject not to come back to. We should not allow politicians to take away our universal privileges for the benefit  of a chosen few and repeal legislation that has been crucial to lifes of so many ordinary people.The state has every interest in preventing light from being shone into dark corners.
The Human Rights Act was created to protect us all as individuals from abuses by the state and state bodies, allows UK nationals access to rights contained in the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) which allows us over 2,000 protections, ensuring all authorities treat people with fairness , dignity and respect, but gradually piece by piece the Tory's are trying to take away our basic freedoms and rights and want to overturn  these recognised principles that  we should all be proud of, but yet again they are attempting to steal them away,which  says so much about their mindset incidentally. They want to replace it with their own Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.They would weaken the rights of everyone, meaning less protection against powerful interests. It would also limit human rights to only cases  the Government considers "most serious!" Threatening the very concept of the universality of human rights.
However many remain fervent in their support for this Act because of its positive contribution to society and the message that it serves globally that we have enshrined an international human rights convention into UK law. The Human Rights Act is ours, scrapping it will take away the rights of everyone, and it is the most vulnerable that will suffer the most.
A useful reminder of whether the Act needs to change, or should remain is to look at the list of rights protected by the Act and ask yourself ,"Which one would I give away? Which one would I not want for myself or for members of my family?"the right to life? the right not to be tortured? the right to a fair trial? http:/  
Sometimes we can't appreciate the value of something until it is taken away.We have to stand up for the Act.
Please call on Justice Secretary Michael Gove to save the Human Rights Act

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