Saturday, 21 May 2016


( A flight of fancy? Maybe )

Tomorrow and eternity are one,
Whatever the situation,
Destiny rules by circumstance,
The pendulum of the clock ticks,
It is our battle to prepare.

Between earth and sky
Crimson petals fall,
Whispering their silence
Fall among stones freely,
Leaving fragments of emptiness.

Leaf shadows dance on the horizon
Slowly, fluttering,almost unsure,
Cascading in a whirl of wind
Mingling with the rain,
Falling lightly on the ground.

Fluffy clouds above
Build temples in the sky,
An ever mindful distraction
Far away floating,
Beyond Earth's fury.

Alpha tries to
Give Omega rest,
To cry no more
To be numb, immune,
Pulled all along by forces strong
Carried on the mirrors of time.

We spoke among prisms of silence
And words melted into air,
Our spirits glided outwards
Onwards into the beginning,
Searching the Cosmos
Following guiding stars.

Absorbing new life forces
The mind shines on,
Crazy diamonds, riding rays of light
No turning back
The soul moves on.

Beaming and glittering
Over a thousand peaks,
Memories forever planted
To haunt dreams of ceaseless time,
To hold us gently in transcension.

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