Monday, 27 June 2011

Pilgrimage against drones Epynt, June 2011/ Armed Forces Day/ Epynt mehefin 2011 Protest yn erbyn awerynau di-beilot

Following on from Fridays post. Report of  visit to Epynt.
A humbling experience, the weather not that great, which to me seemed most appropriate. A good presence despite the dour weather. A day of  constant drizzle ,and  mists  that seemed to envelope us on our individual journeys. We remembered the innocent killed not in our names.
On the way up to a mock village created for battle games, humanity or something shined a torch,( but the cynics among us saw a propaganda excercise) ,  laid out for us, rows of coffee, tea, and biscuits too, neatly provided by our hosts the invading army. The Sergeant Major smiled, made jokes, he had been trained well in hospitality.
Their was a smattering of religion,  but underneath the skies I felt we were all equal. Two languages spoken , side by side.  In my pockets I placed some discarded bullets that I'd picked whilst they read out names of the dead senselessly killed  by drones. A moving experience, humbling.
 Some people greeted one another as old friends,  others remained on the outside,  all welcome though..... poets, painters, students, academics, pensioners, claimants.
 Half way  down the mountain me and my beautiful partner and a dear friend companions got  a lift from an old laypreacher( who by coincidence knew my hometown well, a small world I said to him in his own iaith,) as we talked about people we might  know, and the smell  of dew and rain  began to dissapear, we began again to discuss brighter things. Atheists and christians somehow united. Words that divided us,  blown away,  because a belief in peace was our common goal.
Found a village where we knocked on a door asking for directions. Sorry we haven't a clue they said , we're on holiday from Cornwall.
We found our way home, others remain forever lost. I hope they are not forgotten, we can carry on with our daily play, but for many others, the world has forgotten, and governments carry on regardless, acting with dangerous, deadly shame. Together we will keep our close eyes on them...... day  after day, and night after night.

" The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that men become robots. True enough robots do not rebel, but given man's name , robots cannot live and remain sane. They become " Golems" they will destroy their world and themselves because they cannot stand any longer the boredom of a meaningless life." - Eric Fromm (1900-1980).

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