Thursday, 23 June 2011


Sometimes people use the word shame when describing a piece of music they somehow see as a guilty pleasure.
All forms of bigotry stems from one fundamental principle, namely that one believes one's culture to be superior to that of another or at  the very least fails to understand that other culture. In its most violent and extreme form, this can manifest itself in book burning ( the Nazis) record music burning ( the Klu Klux Klan) or cultural destruction and vandalism ( the Taliban).
Those culture snobs who believe themselves to be the final arbiters of the nations tasted and who would say to you they are mainly poking fun at your preferred styles of art and music , and who would seek to make you ashamed of them, are in fact standing alongside the worst despots in history, as they pursue their relentless drive of cultural genocide.
Some in denouncing the awesome and majestic sound of music, they are at one with Hitler, the K.K.K and the Taliban, none of whom are fans of the genre. Grandpa teifidancer did not sink battleships at the River Plate, nor did Great, GreatUncle teifidancer go ver the top at the Somme for a society where you would be treated as untermensch for your love of rock music.
For those about to rock I salute you.

with thanks to Dave.......

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