Thursday, 9 June 2011

Free Amina

Last night watching Newsnight it was bought to my attention that their were doubts to Amima's identity. The pictures of her on her blog were of another woman named Jenina Leic. The fact is her blog existed before any pictures were put up. Perhaps it is an elaborate hoax, or a case of government disinformation, an attempt to drown out dissident voices.The reason that the story cannot be verified is the Syrian regime has closed off the country to foreign journalists. Censorship in this country is still very real however....
Given the relentless oppression of Syrian citizens, it could be the case that 'Amima' simply used a pseudonym..... a common practice to protect identities amongst activists.... The fact is at least 11,000 Syrians are currently being detained, and hundreds of people have dissapeared, and the freedom that some in the West take for granted is not available in Syria. Over 1,000 peaceful demonstrators have been shot dead in Syria and internet blackouts and violent repression continues.
Amina whoever she /he is has become a symbol of this oppression, and the Syrian people are still suffering and experiencing from this oppression and abuse, as I write.

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  1. a very cautionary tale. I for one was totally taken in. It has now been announced it was all a hoax. Apparently the 'Girl in Damascus' is just a fantasist. HE should be ashamed of himself, because his playing of silly games, distracted from the real issues.Real heroes with real lives.I am sorry for having publicised somebodies silly lies.