Monday, 6 June 2011

Fire in the stubble - Samuel Taylor Coleridge (21/10/1772 - 25/7/1834)

The pre-eminence of truth over falsehood, even when occasioned by that truth, is as a gentle fountain breathing from forth its air - let into the snow piled over and around it, which it turns into its own substance, and flows with greater murmur; and though it be again arrested, still it is but for a time; - it awaits only the change of the wind, to awake and roll onwards its ever increasing stream
  ... But falsehood is fire in the stubble; - it likewise turns all the light stuff around it into its own substance for a moment, one crackling blazing moment, - and then dies; and all its converts are scattered in the wind, without place or evidence of their existence, as view less as the wind which scatters them.

Table Talk

But sometimes perhaps like the old romancers, things can  get re-remembered, the pursuit of truth is a chimera. Some also say that all men are born liars
When one person says something, often is the case, that you will find an opposite point of view. Today, I have arrived in pessimist harbour, I absolve myself though of any responsibility..

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