Wednesday, 29 June 2011

J30 Tomorrow is everybodies day....

Tomorrow Job Centre workers , teachers etc are on strike to defend their pensions, but this is everybodies fight too.
The government's attacks on workers go hand- in-hand with their attacks on claimants. At the same time as lowering terms and conditions of workers, they force claimants into privately run workfare schemes through for profitcompanies like ATOS, Maximus, Skills Training and Careers Develoment Group. At the same time they force the vulnerable and ill off incapacity Benefit and onto JSA ( Jobseekers Allowance).
They say these cuts have to be made, whilst spending millions weekly on futile wars in Afghanistan, Libya etc., whilst Prince Charle's income is rising ever higher and higher.
Tomorrow I hope to go to Aberystwyth and join a broad resistance standing together to show their opposition to these cuts.
Meeting at the Morlan Centre at 12 0'Clock. Ed Milliband is saying he doesn't support these strikes, but that's just his inner nit coming out, a united breath is what we need, solidarity must be maintained.
Love today, love tomorrow. It's our job to wind up Mr Cameron, don't let him get the upper hand, he wants us to work longer, pay more, get less, miserable *******. Why should ordinary people pay for a crises bought about by the bankers and their friends.
Enjoy the sunshine, everybody out. 

Billy Bragg singing - Never crossed a picket line. 

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