Sunday, 22 July 2012

Aldous Huxley (26/7/1894- 22/11/63) - The Ultimate Revolution (1962)

I started this months posts with a bit from Aldous Huxley,
I never really get  tired of him so here's a little more, below he gives a now infamous speech at UC Berkeley in 1962, titled : The Ultimate Revolution.
In his presentation Huxley gave gives historical evidence and future predictions, how the New World Order would be achieved by the ruling Oligarchy via their use of State Sponsored Terrorism to implement their desired Lock Step Police State to control the proletariat (that's you and me) by the fear  of ever increasing terrorism as a pretext  to the citizens of Western society willingly sacrificing their essential freedom and liberties for the promise of temporary security.
The fist 45 minutes is the speech and the next is followed by questions raised by the public and reporters.


  1. All the literati were at it:
    Wells's 'Shape of Things to Come'
    Jack London's 'Iron Heel'
    Zamyatin's 'We'
    Orwell's '1984'
    Must have been something in the air, what!

    Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil' has got to be the best film interpretaion to all of that prolepsis.
    Spot on; torture techniques n'all.

  2. you been reading my mind again, Roy........hope all is well..... community, identity, stability! And years later it does not seem so much like fiction.