Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fit Les - The Official Fit Les Olympic Anthem

Renamed Fit Les, the colective formerly known as Fat Les, have just released this in time for the Olympics. Keith Allen explained to B.B.C Breakfast that the video was filmed using mobile phones and a camcorder, with help from members of the public.
The comedian ansd actor said that the song is not anti-Olympics, but rather the "Whoring" of the games by corporations.
The song itself is about excercising the right to be heard. It was born out of the fact that the Government has stopped peoples right to demonstrate in the lead up to the Olympics.
" I absolutely love the idea of Competitive sport, it's just the way it's been whored by corperations. " Mr Allen said.  Love him or hate him, I feel that sometimes Mr Allen is barking up the right tree.

And here is a link with some clarification on the impact Olympic Specific legislation may have on local people and anyone promoting protest or making political statements during this Summer's games.

Olympic Laws - A short Guide for Trouble Makers

Oh and  more than 40 groups are going to stage Olympics protests, it will be interesting to see how many are free to do so, to highlight the "corporate dominance" of the Games as well as the staggering cost of staging these games during a time of austerity.
Demonstrators will march through east London on Saturday, groups will include War on Want, campaigners against the siting of missiles, local environmental groups and Occupy London, and a whole host of others. I personally never really enjoy a spectacle that seems to be subjct to the whims of global corporations and financial institutions, which despite Mr Camerons bluster seems to be increasing  in this moment of time.
How the Olympics will sanitise its reputation after what is generally seen to be a fiasco is beyond me.
Perhaps it is only by really pulling together, and shouting enough is enough and showing our discontentment that we can make this Government of ours hear us.

Whose Games?
Whose City?

Truthfully , it hasn't even started yet, andeven though live in West Wales, and not remotely near the event,   I'm already sick and tired of the whole shenanagins.17 days where Olympic tales will be difficult to avoid, unless I bury my head in a sandpit.

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