Sunday, 8 July 2012


an experiment 

        In Guantanemo Bay a prisoner is subjected to 14 days of sleep deprivation. Combined with lack of food and water, detainess can lose their will to live
       Day and night shifted from one place to another, shackled and moved to maximise disruption, isolation a constant daily routine. Many still held without charge, their fullness of time daily exhausted, captors whispering anonomously, torture is good my friend, torture is good.
       Like a reset button, time illuminates, is  reduced and maximised, through language's corridors drifts.... Logic is carried, deconstructured, conclusions are wrestled with. The world s, becomes an illusion, that overwhelms.
        Awakeness can distort, penetrate to deep, the need to shut out can be like a silent scream, deeply unsettling, strangely familiar, there is no beginning, there is no end, no near, no far, distance appears, and in moments reaches vanishing point. become very sad, painful and troubling......
       No year turning, nothing tears apart, while the world is sleeping, twisting and turning, looking frantically for some way out, sleeps absence can become a nightmare without exits repsite.
      Walls shifting in discomfort, voices mounting in an endless drone, the broken minds instict becomes useless , life becomes very dark.
      The fleeting somnambulist finds simple ways of being, above the pitiless wave, heart races, and fear cannot forget, the vatic voice becomes a subconscious scream. Memory plays tricks,the stock of sap is spent, stormy eyes fade into the light and back again.
      Inner voice seeks sanctuary among whispering breeze, despite the darkness, nothing refuses to be conquered. Does the dream of flight pursue, when freed?
      Nothing exists when freedom is denied.

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