Monday, 30 July 2012

Justice for the Critical Mass 182

Meanwhile Shami Chakrabarti

 of Liberty in the Guardian says ' while proud  to represent Liberty holding the flag in such incredible human rights company, my lack of personal sacrifice was rarely far from my thoughts.' . Good then, but she was carrying the flag of LIBERTY while 182 cyclists were being kettled. This went on all night, where protestors were beaten and arrested for their right  to use the roads. What sort of Wholesale assault on Human Rights is that? A lot of blatant hypocricy coming out of Liberty's  mouths. Does Liberty officially support the Olympics or something, and perhaps  too, the nations that are taking place that it usually strongly condemns? Scotland Yard has said it respected that people had a right to protest, but said officers must stop protestors who  disrupted guests from trying to reach the Olympic Park. Protecting corporate interests again, perhaps, business as usual. All hail the free Olympics.

Critical Mass is a monthly bike ride that takes place every last Friday of every month. It has been happening for the last 18 years, so the Metropolitan Police knew in advance that it was happening.
 The authorities response to me,  contradicts the idea that  the games would encourage people to participate in sport or that these are the greenest games ever. How ironic that cyclists featured so heavily in the actual opening ceremony too, while in the real world, counterparts were being arrested nearby.

Justice for the Critical Mass 182 Petition

They were fully in their rights to take to the streets as they always have

Here is a link to a petition set up to defend  those arrested and kettled

help stand for a police and legal system we can believe in.

please sign and share.

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