Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lol Coxhill ( 19/9/32 - 9/7/12) Daring Musical Adventurer R.I.P

Sad to here earlier via http://exileonmoanstreet.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/lol-coxhill-rip.html that free improvising saxophonist and raconteur, Lol Coxhill had died after several weeks of serious illness.
I heard him first  I guess playing with the Damned, then as my tastes got wider, started hearing him all over the place, playing with all sorts of improvised groups. His saxophone could tease, growl, roar and squeak, he was a very adventurous  player, not afraid to take risks and push the boundaries.
Spotted by John Peel busking, the word got round about his talent, and he ended up playing  with all sorts of people, so good was he , that he could play along with anyone. Starting of with David Bedford, Kevin Ayers, and other associates of the Canterbury scene, he ended up playing with many of the greats of the improvised musical scene, Evan Parker, David Bailey, Trevor Watts,  Chris McGregor, David Toop, Harry Becket etc etc etcetera...... ever versatile and inventive. Occasionally branching out into forays as an actor, collaborating with the late  Ken Campbell and Derek Jarman.
Fame for him was of no consequence.
Still playing up untill his death, still exploring the undiscovered possibilities of his saxophone, he will be missed by musicians and fans alike.

Lol Coxhill with Robert Wyatt - Soprano Derivitavo/ Apricot Jam

with Kevin Ayers and the Whole World - Oh My

Lol Coxhill, Vortex JazzClub Dec/2008 

Lol Coxhill for Paul Burwell - By the Paths of the Deep River

Lol Coxhill; a Life in music

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