Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fishing For Gold

So it's started then,
it seems the world has faith
in  this spectacle of celebration
this feast of people pride.

Critical opinion is tossed aside
homeless Londoners have dissapeared
they've been clearing up the town
streets have been erased, old maps have been rearranged.

It's all about the taking part I guess
not necessarily the winning
G4S have taken the money and run
in the spirit of peace and co-operation.

The Olympic idyll, adrift somewhere
amidst the corporation signs,
and the cries of sponsor, sponsor, sponsor
spin, spin, spin, the sick corpse of capitalism, waving every hour.

Perhaps no borders will be necessary,
long distances have been travelled,
hope and unity might prevail,
tales of adversity will melt our hearts.

Summers great sporting bonanza has commenced
rain clouds  are driven off, Londons famous gloomy skies
everyone celebrates, and all is good in the lie of the land.
or have we all been cajoled and misled.

Don't believe the hype myself, will turn the telly off
go and hide in the long green grass,
search for dreams that have not happened yet
go fishing for some gold.

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