Wednesday, 16 December 2020


Hearts are like parachutes 
sometimes they fail to open
but it's not always dark  when we fall
in our gasps, broken hearts are mended
skip centuries, provide moist happiness
seduce our minds in rooms that change
release tired thoughts of into the atmosphere
and in depth of the night, poems will be built.
Like acrobats by the rivers edge,
balancing sensitively before  plunging into waters deep
revealing charms, like perfumed breezes
swimming among currents of transformation.
as flickering lights go out, chains cast of
consciousness teasing, thoughts drifting 
allow the smuggled sighs of yesterday
to take us to the land of dreams


  1. what a magnificent poem indeed. Made my day!
    Menna Elfyn

  2. thank you very much, am honoured, am a huge admirer
    of your own work, diolch yn fawr