Monday, 14 December 2020

Cymru Rhydd / Free Wales

There is fire in the air
time of old spirits resurgence
moments to ponder
spinning on and on
the grave injustices
of tryweryn, capel celyn
flooded  against a peoples will 
to provide Liverpool with water
Epynt a community evicted 
to make way for a military range.

The time when precious children
were punished and beaten
for simply speaking their native tongue
these  acts have never been forgotten
etched  in a nations  memory
to justify Cymric vision
of putting past wrongs to right
where once their were whispers
voices unite together for independence
no longer wishing to live under chains.

Travelling through waves of longing 
hopes and fears forever thronging 
among threads and currents flowing 
navigated thoughts, rhetoric of belonging
over barricades halting progress
turn the page, open a brand new book
to dream and dare among ubiquitous shoots
as a new season arrives sprouts new routes 
drifting in imperceptible process of change
filling pockets with formulas to rearrange.

Desiring a future built from freedom
not some half thought pipe dream
the dragon has truly woken
across hills and valleys
daily delivers strength
igniting passion, a people's will
our underestimated power
filling hearts and minds with pride
with discontent demand a Welsh republic
a truly fair and equal society for its citizens
the British  crown of domination abandoned,

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