Thursday, 31 December 2020

Beyond This Weeping World

Escaping annus horribilus on a global scale
The chaos all around us, that has spread so much fear,
Daily death throes, that release a dutiful concern
The rising distrust of establishment that has taken hold,
An ongoing nightmare, that is cursing silently hope
Tender now are hearts, filled with worry and sorrow,
Tensions increasing, thoughts of conspiracy growing
We have to lift one another, pray for a better tomorrow,
Beyond the ongoing confusion, anger and mistrust
Lets be seduced by the sound of distant violins,
As sands of time, stretch out and rearrange
May our cherry lips one day soon reconnect,
We can gather again, wash away our tears
Under the Golden sun still shining upon us,
Allow us to awaken to a more fragrant world
Destroy the bubbles that contain and imprison,
Hands again clasped together, friends and foe
Allow anguished memories, soak in to the earth,
Let every moment of the future, nourish our souls
With steady steps, may our evenings be less remote.

 As the old year leaves, and a new one begins, all the very best , stay safe, heddwch/ peace

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