Sunday, 6 December 2020

Amidst The Bones of Winter

The air around us full of spite and bitterness
Weight of debt is crushing poor countries
Hearts pound relentlssly as sadness triplicate
Harm, keeps shattering nations apart
Death clouds rising from battered singed earth
The scars we trace, visible across the world
But still the  ebb, and the cuckoos cry
As our eyes awaken, cold with loss
Many resenting change, but many seeking for it
Time to be patient, time to be strong
With unbounded love and iron will
Share solidarity now times are tough
Cling on for now to mundane things
Past winter, lets hope solidity brings
Trouble's fading, the end of fear
Beyond black depression in which we sink
True peace and tranquility not currently near
May the storm we currently embrace, to recede.
Feet treading  deeply in the mire of solitous path
Mask up with rainbow hues, look ahead
Seek always  facilitators of kindness,
Beyond politicians who bludgeon us to death
Against the shrill blasts that inflict us daily
The homeless still sleeping  in shivering streets
The sickness of racism, planting poison 
Carry on loving, following flickering stars in sky
Leap frog from the ruins, bomb the earth with healing. 

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