Friday, 10 January 2014

Amiri Bakara (Lee Roi Jones 7/10/34 -9/1/14) R.I.P - The Dead Lecturer

Sad to hear the news this morning that Poet and activist Amiri Bakara had sadly died yesterday aged 79. Here is a link to an earlier post of mine I wrote earlier in the year that now serves as a kind of requiem.
R.I.P to this great man. I believe his legacy to be one of  aching beauty..

The Dead Lecturer

The end of man is his beauty
And silence
which proves/ but
a referent
to my disorder.
Your world shakes
cities die
beneath your shape.
The single shadow
at noon
like a live tree
whose leaves
are like clouds.
Weightless soul
at whose love faith moves
as a dark and
withered day.
They speak of singing who
have never heard song, of living
wghose deaths are legends
for their kind.
A scream
gathered in wet fingers,
at the top of its stalk.
- They have passed
and gone
whom you thot  your lovers
In this perfect quiet, my friend,
their shapes
are not unlike


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