Thursday, 30 January 2014

Remembering Today with Sadness the Victims of The Bloody Sunday Massacre in Derry January 30th 1972.


42 years ago today, in a date that wont be forgotten in Northen Ireland, 14 innocent Irish Catholics were killed by British soldiers  as they were marching for their basic freedoms and civil rights, many more were injured. I can understand  why  any working class Catholic who having watched  their friends get killed and detained, their houses burnt down and their communities left attacked by pogroms, could choose the path of resistance, in defence of their people.
They were shot by British soldiers  from 1 Para Regiment. All of the dead were unarmed, five were shot in the back. Most were shot fleeing the soldiers and several were killed trying to assist the wounded. One man was shot and killed while assisting a victim and waving a white handkerchief another killed with his arms raised in surrender position.

List of those killed

Patrick ('Paddy') Doherty (31)

Gerald  Donaghey (17)

John ('Jackie' ) Duddy (17)

Hugh Gilmore (17)

Michael Kelly (17)

Michael McDaid (20)

Kevin McElhinnet (17)

Bernard ('Barney') McGuigan (41)

Gerald McKinney (35)

William ('Willie') McKinney (26)

William Nash (19)

James ('Jim') Wray (22)

John Johnston (59)

John Johnson was shot twice on 39 January 1972 and died on 16 June 1972. His family is convinced that he died prematurely and that his death was due to the injuries recieved and trauma he underwent on 'Bloody Sunday.'

It was later revealed that some days prior to this massacre, the British soldiers had been briefed 'to shoot to kill' at the march. The recent Saville report confirmed the innocence of the victims and even ourown Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to announce that the British armies actions on this day were' Unjustified and Unjustifiable,' It vindicated not only those who died, and the many injured, but also the familes and supporters who had campaigned  for so long to have their innocence recognised. Let us hope that the future sees no more bloody Sundays, .


  1. No more bloody Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, etc.; yes, let's hope that the future sees no more! Yet, I am afraid that as long as religious tribalism also festers below the collective undersurface of many psyches, there may well be a bloody Thursday or Friday somewhere on the horizon. Still, let's hope not! P.S. lovely blog!!

  2. Thanks for your wondeful comments, much appreciated, regards....heddwch/peace.